Sunny Hills Pineapple Cakes / Tarts – Raffles Hotel, Singapore

After woofing down dim sum at Royal China, we stumbled upon Sunny Hills.

Having heard of the place online, we decided to nose about. At the entrance, we were warmly greeted by a staff enticing us to take a seat and try their Pineapple Tarts.

Sunny hills is very generous with their samples.

Here’s one entire tart for you, complimented with the best Oolong Tea I’ve ever tested.

(To be completely honest, I’ve only tried Oolong Tea from a bottle.)

How’s the Pineapple Tart? It felt very consistent.

The buttery crumbly crust was an even layer throughout, forming a cuboid that held the yummy pineapple filling in the middle.

Overall, the ambiance had a perfect harmony of minimalism and warmth, the huge communal table allowed you both your privacy and a sense that you are on this tasting adventures with the rest and of course, the cosy generosity of Sunny Hills for providing an entire pineapple tart matched with an attentive staff that refills your tea. What is most commendable is that they let you be, browse through the pile of books, chit chat with your partner and never once did they hawk their products at you.

With happy hearts and a filled belly, we left Sunny Hills with two bags of pineapple tarts.


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